The Simon Lever Difference

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Simon Lever is about more than just digits and decimal points. We separate ourselves from our competitors by zeroing in on the things that matter most to the people who have placed their trust in us.

We Listen
Although much of our business is focused on numbers, we guarantee you will never feel like one.

For more than half a century Simon Lever has provided quality tax preparation, accounting and succession planning services to family owned and closely held businesses across Central Pennsylvania. Since the beginning we have focused on developing personalized strategies to help guide our clients through the challenges of owning, operating and growing their small businesses or nonprofits.

By focusing on locally owned and operated organizations, our customers have rewarded us with their loyalty and have helped to make us one of Central Pennsylvania’s leading business and financial advisory firms.

We stand apart because we pay attention to the little things other firms might miss. We have conversations with our clients about their business goals and their personal aspirations. We craft strategies that reflect their personalities and help them reach their objectives.

We Succeed
At Simon Lever, we are in the success business.

That means we take your business outcomes personally. Our victories are your victories, and failure is not part of our company’s DNA.

Over the years, we have shown dozens of businesses large and small how to provide concrete value for their customers, while continuing to meet their financial objectives. We do this by focusing our financial and business strategies on big picture scenarios designed to strengthen the overall health of the company. This allows business owners and managers to focus on what they do best: selling great products and providing great services.

We Are Trusted Partners
We believe in creating lasting, collaborative relationships built around the professional abilities of our clients and the innovative, proven techniques of our advisors. We take the unique aspects of your field into consideration and create a solution that is tailor made for you. Regardless of your business type, we can help elevate your organization’s performance and outcomes.


Our business may be numbers, but we believe in people. When we help a small business or nonprofit succeed, we know we have helped to make our community that much stronger. That is what motivates us. That is our mission.

That is the Simon Lever difference.

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