Startup Business Advisors in PA

When you’re investing all your energy, enthusiasm, and resources into a new venture, it’s easy to lose sight of business functions not directly related to its core product or service. Even seemingly insignificant things, like proper bookkeeping practices, can slip through the cracks.

Those cracks can turn into gaping holes that create roadblocks, bar opportunities, and stymie growth.

From cash flow issues to expense control, Simon Lever’s startup business advisors will help you take control of your finances and discover new opportunities. Your startup advisor will become a trusted extension of your team—an on-call expert with the know-how, tools, and professional network to help you solve problems, discover opportunities, and grow your bottom line.

Whether you need assistance developing small business accounting processes or guidance through the funding maze, Simon Lever will be an active partner in your success.

Key Services
  • Strategic & Operational Planning
  • Cost Reduction & Profit Improvement Plans
  • Financing Options Analysis
  • Sales & Use Nexus Studies
  • Compensation Plan Analysis
  • Entity Structure Analysis


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