Employee Benefits Auditing &
Accounting in PA

Compliance matters when you’re managing an employee benefits plan. From not maintaining current personnel information to failing to make timely remittance of plan contributions, violations are costly and time consuming.

Simon Lever offers a dedicated employee benefits services team focused on this highly specialized and complex area. We offer accurate full and limited scope audits and stay current on the changes that impact your business and bottom line. Our specialists will also guide you through the ever-shifting landscape of healthcare coverage and how it affects your benefits plan.

Whether you’re a well-established manufacturing firm in Chester County or a technology startup in Lancaster County, Simon Lever’s team will deliver accurate, actionable employee benefits accounting and auditing.

Key Services
  • Full- & Limited-Scope ERISA Audits
  • Compilations & Reviews
  • Financial Reports
  • Plan Design & Consulting, including Tax Benefits Analysis
  • Department of Labor Inquiry & Examination Representation
  • Payroll Compliance Services
  • Retirement Plan Selection Analysis
  • Compensation Nondiscrimination Testing
  • Deferred Compensation Plan & Fringe Benefit Analysis

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