Taxes are always complex, even more so when they’re tangled up with relationships and emotions. That’s what makes estate, trust, and gift planning a complex and laborious process for many families. 

But you don’t need to navigate those waters alone. Simon Lever offers extensive experience in developing estate plans as well as implementing those strategies with tools like trusts and gifts. 

Our team offers a significant advantage over typical estate planning firms. We don’t just walk you through the numbers; we bring a fresh, objective perspective that outlines all the options, so you can make the best decisions for your family. Throughout the process, our professionals will treat you and your family with respect and compassion. 

Whether you want to keep the family business in the family or preserve your legacy with charitable giving, the Simon Lever estate tax services team will be by your side with the right advice at the right time. 

Key Services
  • Planning & Preparation 
  • Tax Savings Analysis 
  • Valuations
  • Trust Analysis 
  • Long-Term Health Needs Analysis
  • Charitable Giving Analysis 
  • Coordination of Beneficiary Designations

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