IRS Notices and Outstanding Checks

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August 31, 2020 |

On Friday, August 21, the IRS announced they will stop sending overdue tax notices to taxpayers until their backlog of unprocessed mail from COVID-19 is cleared.  This temporary change is intended to avoid balance due notices from being mailed to taxpayers who already mailed their payment.

At the height of the IRS shutdown, the IRS backlog was over 12 million pieces of mail that were being stored in trailers since they could not be delivered. The IRS is operating, but it is taking time to work through this backlog.

The IRS is recommending that taxpayers do not cancel any outstanding tax payments and ensure the funds are available to avoid any additional penalties and interest. These payments will be credited to taxpayers’ accounts as of the date received by the IRS, rather than the date processed by the IRS.

As always, we recommend that you promptly forward all tax notices to your contact person at Simon Lever so we can review them and advise you accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Simon Lever advisor or contact us here.

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